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Colour 2-In-1 Prime & Colour Correct Face-Eyes-Lips

#300 Yellow

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Christian Dior Fix It Colour 2-In-1 Prime & Colour Correct Face-Eyes-Lips has the following features: Dior invents its first multipurpose colour concealer: 1 stick, 2 textures, 3 application areas, 4 expert shades, targeting and neutralizing the colour imperfections of the complexion and around the eye and lip contours with the inspiration of backstage makeup techniques. Blue (100): Target the dullness. This lilac-blue is an expert on yellow-toned Caucasian skins and Asian skins by evening out exhausted complexions for extra radiance. Dab on the light-catching areas such as the forehead and the tips of the cheeks to give them an instantly fresh and rested look. Apricot (200): Ideal for matte or tanned complexions. Tones down greyness, diminishes dark spots and corrects areas of hyperpigmentation and dark circles, while evening out dark skins. Yellow (300): Targets the dark spots and dark circles. A must-have for light skins to erase violet-tinted shadows, from blood vessels to circles under the eyes. Neutralizes lips with a blue hue to bring out the real colour of the lipstick. Green (400): Target the redness. Used in light touches to fade blood vessels and flushed areas to target light complexions and rosy skins.
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